Guyliner – Eyeliner for men

Guyliner for men is not a taboo anymore. Whether it is for a party, modelling work or its just your style. Over the past years, we have put together a small, but very stylish collection of eyeliners for men, which you can browse through and buy below. Sometimes called ‘guyliner’, men’s eyeliner can be used to frame and define the eyes. It’s also a lot easier than you would think to apply and can typically be mastered in two or three applications. Give your eyes a smoky smoldering look and captivate any audience with the subtle definition enhancements of one of these growingly popular men’s eye makeup products. Guyliner has been rocked by the likes of Pharrell Williams, Johnny Depp and Russell Brand in recent years. In magazines, on TV and on the red carpet itself. Groom yourself like red carpet royalty, with our unparalleled collection of eyeliner for men from the likes of MMUK MAN and 4VOO Men’s Cosmetics. Guyliner typically comes in a pencil form, which can be smudged after application, to add a mysterious touch to your cosmetic look. Alternatively gentlemen, opt for a liquid based eyeliner that gives a much cleaner line, perfect for professionals.

Create your ideal aesthetic look with the use of a guyliner. Shape, define and dramatise your eyes with our curated collection.
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