Looking for lip balm, gentlemen? We understand. There’s nothing more irritating that dry, damaged and chapped lips. Your lips don’t contain melanin (so they don’t have natural protection from the sun). They are the most sensitive part of your body, with over 1 million nerve endings! So when they’re damaged, it’s extra painful! In a nutshell: your lips are thin, delicate, and sensitive. They can’t protect themselves like the rest of your skin. So they need extra care to reduce the risk of chapped and cracked lips – which are at best unsightly, but also very painful.You may wish to invest in a good quality men’s lip balm, if you’re one of the growing number of men continually battling this common skin care problem. The MMUK MAN Lip Balm contains a blast of menthol to not only hydrate and refresh your lips, but to taste and feel great in the process. Applying a men’s lip balm is a very simple but essential step at the end of your male makeup routine and it will cap off your look in tremendous style, after all, no one wants cracked and flaky lips to interrupt their grooming game. Shop below from our bestselling male lip balm and enjoy true refreshment with each and every application.

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Lip Balm

MMUK MAN Lip Pencil

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