Dark circles under your eyes?


Dark circles around your eyes and puffiness under the eyes

Nowadays, many men suffer from dark circles and bags under the eyes for different reasons. Mencare would like to give you some tips and advice on how to prevent and counteract this! Read all about the different causes and techniques and products to get rid of your annoying bags and dark circles. anti wallen creme 4voo

Poor digestion of proteins

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by an incomplete digestion of proteins. In many cases this is caused by a lack of vitamin B6 and folic acid. You can take a multivitamin or eat foods rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid (vitamin B11). Vitamin B6 can be found in kidneys, liver, pork, mutton, fish, eggs, legumes and whole grain cereals. Folic acid is found in large amounts in whole grains, soybeans, red beans, lentils, peas, spinach, cabbage, brussels sprouts, roman lettuce, okra, pumpkins, broccoli, strawberries, kiwis, oranges and pineapple.

Fatigue, stress, lack of sleep.

When you are tired and stressed, your skin becomes paler and the underlying blood vessels become more visible. Fatigue and stress also impair circulation. Poor circulation causes under-eye circles to turn blue and dark. Sufficient sleep and relaxation are a must. If the fatigue is only temporary, it may help to put tea bags on the eyes. The tannins in the tea reduce the dark colour. Leave on the eyes for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Dark circles under the eyes can also be somewhat reduced by peeling onions.

Poor diet.

Dark circles can also indicate a vitamin and mineral deficiency. An iron deficiency, for example, makes the skin paler. This in turn makes dark spots such as dark circles more noticeable. A lack of antioxidants from certain vitamins, such as vitamin C, can also cause dark circles. Antioxidants are obtained by eating lots of fruit and vegetables. So eating healthy is a good way to prevent dark circles under your eyes.

Too much sun

Not only in fair-skinned people, but also in dark-skinned people, exposure to sunlight can increase the pigmentation of the skin under the eyes more than in normal skin. age. If your skin already had a tendency towards dark circles, these can become more pronounced and even permanent with age. Due to hormonal changes and because the skin becomes weaker and thinner and wrinkles, dark circles are more visible. Vitaman anti rimpel

Tips for dark circles under your eyes and annoying puffiness!

Make sure you have good skin care routine around the eyes. An ordinary day cream is actually not enough. It is better to choose a product especially for the skin around your eyes with a good SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 15. Look for an eye cream that contains firming ingredients, such as vitamin K and/or A (retinol), which help to renew the skin cells, making the skin firmer and counteracting ageing

Remove or dispose of dark circles and puffiness

As you may have guessed yourself, looking less tired starts with a healthy lifestyle and plenty of rest. Eat healthily and drink enough. Are you already doing well in this area, but still have puffiness and dark circles? Then you could try the following things:

Face mask

Once a week, apply a relaxing mask to your skin. A “relax mask” is called one because it literally makes your tired and dull skin “relax” and gives it a well needed boost.


There are different creams to combat dark circles and puffiness. Mencare has the best products from different brands for you! Take a look at our range and find out which one works best for you. 4voo onder ogen gel

Mencare: Shop special creams for men

Old-fashioned tips

An old-fashioned tip is to hold a cold wash cloth or ice cubes against your eyes. The cold causes blood vessels in your skin to contract, slowly drawing moisture away. This ‘shrinks’ your bags. Alternatively, you can put a tablespoon in the freezer and then put it with the hollow side on your eye. Do put a tissue in between, otherwise the spoon might stick! You can also do this with two slices of cold cucumber. As a post-treatment, you can rest some camomile tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes; these have a soothing effect.

Eye massage

Massage the underside of your puffiness with your fingertips. This ensures that the waste products are removed by the blood and this, in turn, makes the puffiness shrink

Male cosmetics

Camouflaging bags and dark spots under the eyes Most women resort to make-up since as long as we can remember. Until a few years ago, this was only true for women, but nowadays it is less and less a taboo for men either. Make-up is a fine last resort to perfect your skin routine. With foundation for men, you can even out your skin, making marks and discolourations less noticeable. There are several concealers especially for under the eyes. Choose one that is slightly lighter than your own skin tone to create a fresh, awake look.

Choosing a concealer for men:

-An important aspect in covering up dark circles around the eyes is choosing the right shade of concealer for men. The type of concealer you should buy is cream concealer. This is suitable for normal and dry skin. If you have oily skin, a powder-based concealer is the best choice. -Applying concealer to remove dark circles around your eyes To start applying the cream or powder concealer, it is best to use a brush. You can apply a cream concealer with your fingers, but it is better to keep contact with the skin to a minimum. -The areas around your eyes are sensitive because the skin there is very thin. So be careful when applying the concealer. -Applying concealer powder > Turn the brush in the pot of concealer powder and tap the edge of the pot with the handle of the brush. >Apply the concealer powder so that the dark circles slowly disappear. Don’t rub the bristles of the brush over the dark circles, but do it in a stippling motion. >Pay special attention to where your eyes meet the bridge of your nose. To finish off, use a make-up sponge to spread the colour. Don’t do it too harsh, as it can affect your foundation.

Haemorrhoid cream

King of the ‘miracle cures’ is a notable Hollywood invention, used extensively by stars and top models: haemorrhoid cream. According to Velthuis Clinics, this is certainly a way of (temporarily) combating your dark circles. But in the long run it can only make things worse. Because,’ says Velthuis, ‘haemorrhoid cream irritates the skin a little. That causes swelling under your eyes, making your skin less thin, and the dark colour goes away for a few hours. But if you use this every day, you’re bound to get eczema and the skin will flake and become damaged.’ Much safer and better is to use the products from 4VOO for example, which have been specially developed for men and reduce wrinkles and dark circles! Safe and reliable.. VISIT OUR HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR PUFFINESS AND DARK CIRCLES PRODUCT PAGE

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