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Skin pigments under the eye’s can cause under-eye discoloration and are common among of Asian or African descended people. A person’s age can contribute to dark circles around the eye’s. Aging causes the skin around the eye’s to thin, so it causes the blood vessels to show that lie just under the skin.

What to do about dark under eye circles?

If you pull the skin to the side, the darkness turns blotchy and this is evidence that the problem is caused by excess pigment in the eye area, says Joseph Eviatar, MD, plastic surgeon from New York.

Most often the dark circles are not about the changes skin discoloration at all. But are caused by a loss of skin volume around the eye area. Which bare

s the orbital bone, creating a hollow trough that looks like dark circles around the eye’s. With the delicate eye area being one of the first spots to reveal signs of aging, this can happen as early as the late 30s or 40s.

What male skin product can you use?

Concealer can help disguise those dark circles. But this is simpler than you may think, says New York makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. Choose a concealer that

matches your skin tone. Pick a liquid formula, if you have mild skin discoloration. If the eye shadows are more prominent, you are better off with more coverage with a cream or cake concealer. Gently pat the concealer on from the inner corner to just past the outer corner of the eye.

Some more expensive options, including treatment with IPL or intensive light pulses, can help by eradicating those pigmented 

These solutions are less successful when the dark circles are caused by extremely narrow skin. “That’s really difficult to treat,” Eviatar says. “Caffeine containing eye creams may help a bit because they compress underlying blood vessels.”cells and smoothening out the skin. A series of four IPL sessions can set you back at around $200 per session, and is typically needed to see improvement. Skin lightening creams that contain hydroquinone or kojic acid may also diminish the darkness around the eye’s.

Eye gel4VOO Rejuvenating Under Eye Gel for men

1. Apply a lightweight eye gel around your eyes to smooth out your skin before you start layering on the makeup. Look for a cooling formula to refresh eye bags, or one with caffeine to stretch the skin around the eye’s. Use one of the luxurious rollerball applicators — putting it on in a circular movement helps drain built-up fluid from under the eyes. Just stay away from anything too creamy, which will turn your makeup greasy or flaky.

2. Purchase a tube of your new can’t-live-without cosmetic: corrector. Corrector balances out dark under eye bags by eradicating that so-called purplish-blue hue. Light to medium skinned men need a product with pink undertones. Babes with olive to dark skin should pick up a peach-tinted corrector. Use a makeup brush to administer the corrector all over your eye bags.

3. Apply the concealer over the corrector using a small makeup brush, from right below your lashes and working your way down. Dab a bit at the inner corner of your eyes, and don’t be greedy here — it’s typically where under eye circles are the darkest.

4. Rub the concealer into your skin with your ring finger. The heat of your hands will melt the concealer into your skin for a totally natural finish.

5. Finish your new, well-rested look with a dash of translucent yellow powder.

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