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Developing a skincare routine can sometimes be confusing.

So many options, different opinions, brands – you name it. It’s no wonder that some men drop the whole idea of figuring out what’s best and use the first products they find on the shelves at their local store. But that does more harm than anything – as your body’s biggest organ, you need to pay attention to your skin, especially as you get older. Your future self will be happy you did, because the secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine.

In today’s skincare blog for men, we’re going to give you the best moisturising tips you need to start a great skincare routine. You’ll find out what to look for in moisturisers and what works best – gels, creams, or lotions?

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!



What does this mystical moisturiser do? Is this just another marketing play to get us to buy more grooming products? As we are continue to learn more about men’s skincare products, I am confident to claim to you that a moisturiser is essential to any skincare regmine. A fine moisturiser is worth it’s weight in gold and arguably the most important skincare product out there. I you have nothing else in your bathroom and you can only choose one skin care product, let it be a face moisturiser. 

Your skin consists of many layers

The stratum corneum is the most outer layer, and it protects your body’s internal structures from injury and bacteria.

Its purpose is similar to that of a car’s paintwork. It protects what’s underneath it.

But the stratum corneum can’t do its job if it doesn’t have sufficient moisture.

Your skin needs moisture to prevent bacteria growth, build new skin cells, and keep its elasticity. Without water, your skin would rip or tear with every movement. Therefore, your skin can be a good indicator if you are staying hydrated enough through the day. 

There are three key benefits of using face moisturisers

  • Rehydrates your face when it’s dry. 
  • Prevents your skin from drying out again by forming a protective barrier against outside elements like cold weather.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles by filling in these “valleys” in your skin.

Your skin produces sebum oil, which it uses to reduce moisture loss from your skin’s surface by evaporation.

You put your face through a lot

Think about it – you wash it two times a day (I hope), you shave, and unless you walk around naked, your face is likely the most exposed part of your body during the day.

In other words – this means that on top of the natural evaporation that occurs, you expose your face to cold weather, pollution, wind, UV rays, and many other elements, which all help dry it out and damage its protective barrier.

It would be a pretty wise decision to start using a face moisturiser for all of those reasons. 

But a moisturiser alone can’t help you – so remember to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water!

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It would be best if you used moisturisers daily – it’s an essential part of any skincare routine.

To get full benefits, it would be ideal if you used face moisturiser at least twice a day.

Once in the morning, right after you use a cleanser, to give your face the proper hydration throughout the day. Moisturisers work best on a clean canvas where it can pentrate the sking as deep as possible.

And once in the evening, before you go to bed. Even though many people forget that part, your evening skincare routine is just as crucial as your morning skincare routine.

By applying a moisturiser before bed, you give it enough time to soak in your face correctly, and it prevents your face from drying out during the night.

However, it would be best if you didn’t forget about hydration throughout the day. Sometimes your face will dry out in the afternoon.

If that happens, make sure you reapply a moisturiser and then apply it again before bed. Just keep an eye on it yourself, and really make it a part of your daily rituals. 



Your perfect moisturiser depends on your skin type.

While there are some ways to find out what your skin type is, you should visit a dermatologist to be 100% sure – and I can’t stress this enough.

If you try to diagnose yourself and you end up being wrong, you could cause skin issues. So make sure to get a professional’s input on your skin type and the products you should use if you’ve got any skin issues at all.

That being said, there are some easy ways for you to get an idea of what your skin type is so that you can concur with your dermatologist.

Redness and breakouts are the easiest way for you to know that you’ve got sensitive skin.

And by examining your forehead and the straight line down your chin, it should be pretty easy to pre-determine your skin type.

Greasy and shiny skin means you’ve got oily skin. If it’s “matte” across the board and a little harsh, it means you’ve got dry skin.

And if you have slightly slick skin, it means you’ve got normal skin or a combination between dry and oily.

Based on that, you’ll be able to make your pick. There are three main moisturisers you can use.

Gels, creams, and lotions. We’ll cover them below.


Gel moisturisers are water-based products that have recently gained popularity as an alternative to oil-based products.

The water molecules and capsules of hyaluronic acid hydrate your skin without leaving the “greasy look” on your face.

Because of that, gel moisturisers are the best option if you have oily skin that’s prone to acne breakouts. They allow internal hydration that doesn’t clog your pores, which is the key to battling acne.

Internal hydration means that your skin gets hydrated from within, as opposed to oil-based moisturisers that hydrate your skin by removing the moisture within the oil barrier on your skin.


Cream moisturisers hold beneficial ingredients, such as Vitamin F and essential oil extracts.

This ensures not only hydration but nourishing as well. The rich texture of cream moisturisers makes it perfect for people with dry skin.

When there’s an imbalance in water and oil levels in dry skin, acne breakouts often emerge as the result. Oil-based cream moisturisers, in that case, also help with preventing acne since it balances the levels of water in oil in the skin.

People with mature skin can also benefit from moisturising cream since they help with fine lines and wrinkles.

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Lotions (both face and body) are designed to soak in quickly – so you can put it on and get on with your day.

Lotions are okay for both oily and dry skin and normal skin – they deliver the hydration needed and strengthen the skin throughout the day.

However, it would help if you were careful since lotions are more popular as body lotions – and as you may know, the skin on your face is not the same as the skin on your hands or legs.

Sometimes, body lotions are heavily fragranced, and that can cause irritation on your face, so make you keep an eye out on the ingredient list as well.


Now that you know what type of face moisturisers are out there and which is the best for a specific skin type, we are sure you will make the best decision for yourself.

It is important to mention that you should see your dermatologist before you conclude your skin type by yourself.

However, no dermatologist will ever advise against high-quality, natural ingredients.

If you want a face moisturiser that will give you the proper hydration and keep your skin wrinkle-free, make sure to check out our Vitaman Natural Face Moisturiser for Men. It will not disappoint!


How the Vitaman Natural Face Moisturiser for men works:

  • Great for all men’s skin types – especially men with sensitive skin
  • Light, non-greasy formula won’t clog your pores or give you breakouts or pimples
  • Fast absorbing – does not sit on top of your skin
  • Deeply penetrates common problem areas, such as behind the ears and around the bridge of your nose
  • Actively smoothes skin texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines
  • Reduces puffy eyes and dark circles
  • No powerful unpleasant aromas – we use essential natural oils to create a subtle, fresh and clean aroma
  • Anti-irritation and anti-bacterial
  • Made without parabens, SLS, Glycols, artificial colors or fragrances, TEA/DEAs, mineral oil, petrolatum, ethanol, lanolin, or phthalates
  • Made from unique native Australian plants that tighten and nourish your skin
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • pH balanced formula to suit the chemistry of the skin
  • For the best results, use after applying our Natural Face and Body Cleanser.

VITAMAN – Organic Face Moisturiser For Men 100ml

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Organic Face Moisturiser For Men 100ml


Our fast-absorbing natural face moisturizer for men keeps your skin hydrated and smoothes and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead.

Want to try first? Order a mini. One mini contains 5ml.

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