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Anti aging tips for men

5 Anti-aging tips from Andrea Robinson

Stick with the basics. “I think there are a lot of products that are not necessary,” says Robinson. “That’s what marketing is all about—making people think they need something that they never knew they did.” Instead of buying loads of different items, Robinson recommends just using the essentials: retinoids; SPF; a facial cleanser; and moisturizer. “A good moisterizer will moisturize the neck, the under eye’s, and the facial skin.”

Update your color palette. For example, when your lip line starts to change and “those nasty little vertical lines” appear, dark lipsticks can look harsh and make you look older. A skin-tone liner and cream, natural lipsticks are the best flattering options. Also, “you have to be careful with color around the eyes,” says Robinson, who warns that bright colors, like blue and yellow, tend to emphasize lines rather than the eyes themselves.

Add cream. “Powder blush can go right into uneven spots on the skin,” says Robinson, and powder eye shadows can settle into delicate lines. Vitaman face moiserizer for menCreams in general, work better on mature skin,” so look for soft, hydrating skin textures.

Find your own signature scent. Robinson encourages everyone to try out different fragrances,  but “at a certain point, it’s great to find a signature,” she says. “You have an aura that is always around you that people identify you by and those who care about you can always associate a certain smell with you. That’s kind of great,” she says.

Redefine beauty. “There is no magic potion for beauty,” says Robinson. “Sometimes i think back to all the experiments i used to do when i was younger, I don’t think I looked very well most of the time. Right now, I know exactly who I am. I feel like I’ve found my groove.” For Robinson, it’s about how you cope with aging, not wishing you were younger: “The more you know yourself, the more beautiful you will become.”

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