The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Bronzer – Guys Can Fake It Too

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In this post we will explain to you everything you need to know about bronzers for men.

So, you’ve spent hours flicking through Instagram and seeing hundreds of those guys who always look immaculate. To add insult to injury, more often than not, they’ll be sporting a fully fledged bronzed and flawless complexion. Sure, it might be a filter, but the number of men getting a grip on their grooming standards is rocketing and today, we’re here to make sure you don’t get left behind.

A huge part of achieving a healthy, tanned and blemish-free post-holiday look, all year round, is to call upon the power of men’s bronzer in your hour of most need. Unfortunately, us mere mortals can’t enjoy the luxury of island hopping all summer and spending week after week catching some much craved winter sun, so it comes down to this – we have to learn to fake it!

The first thing to realise is that men’s bronzer comes in many different shapes and forms. Whether it be a tanning body lotion, a bronzing powder compact, or even a tinted facial moisturiser, each have been individually created to serve the specific needs of the growingly grooming obsessed modern man.

Bronzer for men also comes as a bronzing gel, spray and even a gradual tanning moisturiser, which are perfect if you’re looking to build your tan up to a natural level of intensity over a few days.

Whilst you may be feeling a little caught in the cosmetic headlights, let us break it down for you for a few minutes and outline exactly what each category of men’s bronzer has to offer.

Guys Tanning Body Lotion

Commonly known as fake tan, a guys tanning body lotion is usually applied with a mitt across his entire body and left to soak in overnight, before being washed off the next morning. If you’re looking for an all over beach body style tan, this is absolutely your best bet!

Remember to ask someone to do your back and those hard to reach places and it’s a good idea to sleep on a towel after application, if you don’t want your bed looking as though the Sugar Puff Monster’s been kipping in there. You can also apply this type of bronzer lightly to your face, but remember not to apply any products after it and to work the product into your hairline for best results.

Male Tinted Moisturiser

I think we’ll all agree that us blokes look much better with a tan. A men’s tinted moisturiser can be deployed into your bathroom routine if you’re looking to fight off the appearance of a blemish-riddled or pale boat race. The best bit about this type of bronzer is that they are extremely easy to apply, as it’s just like slapping on a standard facial moisturiser, it looks very natural and you can wash it off at the end of your day.

For an instantly revitalizing facial appearance, we recommend MMUK MAN’s BB Cream/Tinted Moisturiser, which comes in a variety of different shades and fights the appearance of blemishes behind the scenes.

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Men’s Bronzing Powder

If you’ve absolutely fell in love with the likes of skin primer, foundation and concealer, you’ll almost certainly want to call upon the power of a men’s bronzing powder to finish off your male makeup routine in style. By choosing a matte finish bronzer and applying it to the areas of your face that would naturally catch the sun (the cheeks, forehead and nose), you’re really able to master a chiseled, toned and tanned complexion.

This option is particularly popular for gentlemen who spend a lot of time in front of the camera or taking photos, as bronzing powder really sets off their cosmetic look and guarantees minimal shine and reflection from lights and cameras. MMUK’s Bronzer in the colour 300 will get you on the right track and with a few practices, you’ll quickly become a cosmetic connoisseur.


Gradual Tanning Face Moisturiser

Perfect for building a light and completely natural gradual tan, this type of face moisturiser, to the eye, looks completely the same as a regular facial moisturiser, but contains tanning components, which darken over a period of a number of days. This type of bronzer has long been a stalwart in the bathrooms of thousands of men looking for the maximum amount of tanning discretion.

You can apply this just like a regular face moisturiser and watch the gentle hint of colour develop before your very eyes.

Men’s Bronzing Gel

This type of male bronzer is for gentlemen who aren’t afraid to go to the dark side. Men’s bronzing gel’s are typically a lot darker than tinted moisturisers and certainly hold nothing back when it comes to darkening your face and neck. With most guys taking the more subtle approach, others prefer to jump straight into the deep end with the use of something like Clinique For Men’s Face Bronzer or 4VOO’s tinted shimmer, which both come out in a dark and rich terra-cotta finish. If you want to make statements with your makeup wear – you might have to call a press conference with either of these!


Bronzing Spray For Men

Bronzing spray is perfect for guys beginning to get to grips with body bronzing. Their spraying action removes the need to apply tan skillfully with a mitt and instead generates a lightweight and hydrating mist, which settles onto the skin with complete non-streaky evenness. The benefits of bronzing spray for men include being able to reach those more difficult areas, they dry a lot quicker and they’re non-sticky.

Men’s Bronzing Cream

For gentlemen who suffer with dry skin, a lot of men’s bronzer’s tend to do more harm than good on that front, as they often harness naturally drying properties, to ensure the formula doesn’t run and streak. Step forward men’s bronzing creams, which combine all the goodness of a hydrating face cream with all the tanning benefits of a bronzer. Applied just as easily as a men’s tinted moisturiser, men’s bronzing cream provides lubrication to tight skin.


So gentlemen,
when it comes to men’s bronzing, we’ve covered all bases to help you effortlessly slip into one of the above categories.

From men’s bronzing tanning lotions, to powders, to gel bronzer, you’ll never have to worry about being the lightest person in your group selfie again.

Outlining some of the best men’s bronzers, this complete review, we hope, will drive your confidence into the fast lane. Don’t forget to check out Youtube as well, where there are plenty of bronzer tutorials for men out there, to help you get properly to grips with application.




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